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Title: Love Slave
Author: Escargoat
Rating: R
Season: 5
Summary: Giles gets hit with a love spell, guess who’s on the other end? (B/G)
Warnings: None really. Despite the subject matter, there is no bondage sex, no non-con, and I actually did my best to portray Riley as an actual, dimensional person (yes, I do treat him a bit nastily, but I think I did a good job of not making it his fault, per se.)
Disclaimer: I don’t own, nor do I make any money off of these characters. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Fox, FX, the WB, Mutant Enemy Productions, etc. I’m just doing this for perverse fun.

A/N: Many thanks to MrsDrake for the beta job and to Jedi_penguin for helping me to become unstuck.

Buffy’s first instinct as she walked into the Magic Box was to turn and run back out, but she had already been spotted by a stressed looking Willow, so she was doomed to continue her entry. Nervously, she eyed a very grumpy looking Giles. Nobody said anything to her. She slid silently into her customary chair at the table and watched as Giles readjusted himself in his seat for the third time since she had entered the building.

“So, what’s going on?” she finally broke down and asked.

Willow blushed and looked at the floor. Tara would have blushed, but she was too busy looking pale and staring at the wall. Xander choked out something unintelligible. Anya, though, spoke right up, “A customer cast a love slave spell on Giles.”

Strangled laughter escaped from Xander before it was again muffled. Willow blushed harder, and Tara had to fight to hide her nervous smile. Giles’ stony glare settled on Buffy. “They find it all terribly amusing.”

“Giles bellowed at us for laughing at him. He almost made Tara cry,” Anya added.

“I didn’t laugh,” willow protested.

“Except for Willow, she’s just embarrassed. Isn’t that strange? I personally would say that Tara would be embarrassed and not Willow, I mean after all the bad spells that Willow’s done…” Anya trailed off as Giles fixed his glare at her.

“So, there’s no big bad? Just a bad day?” Buffy asked to clarify the situation.

“We, ah, don’t know exactly who the recipient of the spell is. The caster did the correct spell, but Xander tackled her. The released energy hit the back of the store,” Giles expounded.

“And that means what?’ Buffy asked confused.

“It means that we don’t know whose love slave Giles is. The running theory is that the last person to touch “Focusing Crystals in the 20th Century” is the proud owner of a pre-owned British stud Muffin,” Xander helped her out of her confusion.

Buffy looked at Giles, “But you aren’t acting any differently. I mean, you aren’t spouting love poetry or running around in skimpy outfits.”

“Of course I’m not. I would react only in a way that my, master, for lack of a better term, would find sexually appealing,” Giles explained gently before he shifted in his chair again.

“Except for the constant erection that is,” Anya added.

Tara burst out into nervous laughter again before she joined her lover in looking at the floor.

Buffy’s eyes drifted as far down Giles’ body as they could with the table blocking her view. “Is that why you keep,” she finished her sentence with a vague hand gesture.

“Yes, it is why I am sitting down and not standing and also why I keep twitching in my chair every two minutes. The bloody thing only goes away when I need to use the facilities.” Giles huffed.

“Oh,” Buffy murmured.

And uncomfortable silence settled in the shop.

“So what happened to the woman?” Buffy finally asked.

“The police took her away for attempted assault. Giles is going to file for a restraining order. Which I think is a very good idea,” Anya cheerfully supplied.

“It also takes away the one person who knows exactly which spell we’re looking for,” Giles reminded her.

“You don’t know? I mean you guys saw her cast it right?”

“S.sure we did, but there are a lot of spells, and we’re not really sure what ingredients that she used. If we don’t know what he used, we could do something worse,” Tara supplied with a quick peek over at Giles.

Buffy shook her head. “Okay, but not the end of the world right? I mean, a little embarrassing, but not a harbinger of doom.”

“More than a little embarrassing,” Giles muttered.

Willow leaned over to Buffy, “Tara pushed Giles out of the way when the magics started swirling around. They kind of collapsed in a heap together, and well, Tara isn’t exactly used to the guy parts being all, guyish.”

“She started laughing like a hyena,” Anya announced clearly.

“Yes, thank you so much Anya, why don’t you take out an advertisement in the paper and tell everyone?” Giles snipped, “Or perhaps you would like to retell that charming joke Xander told. You know, the one about me turning women gay?”

“Okay then, why don’t I take my cranky watcher back into the training room while you guys keep researching?” Buffy said quickly before an actual fight broke out.

Surprisingly, Giles made no protest and followed her back. Once they had closed the door behind them, they stood in silence. Surreptitiously, Buffy glanced over at her watcher’s pants and quickly glanced away.
“Go ahead say whatever is on your mind. The rest of them have,” Giles said resignedly.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” she blurted out.

An amused look came to his face, “A bit, but as the other option is walking around without pants, I’m quite able to live with it.”

“Can’t you just, you know…”

“Masturbate? I’m afraid not. Unless the person who is my ‘master’ would find it sexually appealing, I’m afraid it would do little good.”

“Oh,” Buffy blushed and looked at the floor.

“Thank you,” he whispered after a moment.

“Not exactly catching the brilliant, watcher-y thought patterns here. What’d I do?” Buffy responded.

“You did not make any references to the fact that I’m old, gross, or that this is entirely disturbing.”

Buffy shrugged. “I pretty much figure the disturbing part goes without saying. You know, the whole love slave thing isn’t a normal, everyday thing like vampires or apocalypses.”

Giles nodded once. “As long as we are back here, perhaps you should do some training?”

“Are you sure?”

“I have an erection, Buffy, not a broken leg. I’ll be fine.”

An hour later, a sweaty Buffy was leaning against the pommel horse. “You might be fine, but I’m not sure that I am. You really aren’t very nice when you’re hyped up on testosterone.”

“Estrogen,” Giles corrected.


“Testosterone is the hormone that causes you to seek out a sexual encounter. Estrogen is the hormone that causes your body to prepare for the encounter. So technically, I’m ‘hyped up,’ as you put it, on estrogen.”

Buffy groaned and rubbed at her neck, “Give it up for woman power Giles.”

He smiled and gently put his hand on the back of her neck. “I’m certain that I didn’t wear you out that badly.”

“Nah, but I like complaining about it. You’re the only one who doesn’t expect me to buck right back up because I’m the Slayer,” Buffy explained. “Plus, on the good side, you aren’t nearly as cranky as you were earlier.”

“Hmmm, yes, I supposed that I’m not,” Giles replied distractedly as his fingers began to do less massaging and more caressing.

Buffy felt her throat give a hearty moan of appreciation before her eyes shot open. “Giles?”

“Yes?” his voice was a touch too soft and throaty as he replied.

“That book that the woman hit with her magic, does it have a pretty purple cover?”

“I believe so,” his breath ghosted against her neck as he replied.

“If I asked you to have sex with me on the counter, in front of the customers, right this instant, would you?”

“Do you want me to?” he practically growled.

Buffy spun around and shoved Giles a couple of feet away from her.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times before a look of terror crossed his features. “Oh, dear Lord, Buffy…”

“Save it. I’m pretty sure that this is going to go into the category of things that Buffy and Giles never discuss with each other. As soon as we get you fixed that is. Only, not fixed as in the, ‘I got my dog fixed at the veterinarian’s office way,’ but in the no longer spelled way.”

“Yes, well thank you for the assurance that you aren’t going to have my balls snipped off.”

Buffy nodded before another thought crossed her mind, “Riley! We have to think of something to tell Riley, ‘cause I’m thinking he isn’t going to be really open minded about this.”

“Perhaps we don’t need to tell him anything at all. It isn’t crucial that he know,” Giles helpfully agreed.

She cocked an eyebrow at him. “You really are a guy under there, aren’t you? Mention danger to the sensitive bits, and we get all protective of them.”

Anya chose that moment to burst into the room. “Good news. We’ve determined that the spell is from the Endroth book of spells.”

“Oh, wonderful,” Giles said in his best sarcastic tone.

“What, we know the book, this is good right?” Buffy asked perplexed.

“Well, the Endroths were a bunch of sexually frustrated people. The whole book is basically made up of spells that cause some sort of arousal. Including just under two-hundred love slave spells,” Anya added.

“All of which cause the slave to be tied to his or her master. The more physical distance between them, the more distress the ‘slave’ feels until he or she eventually has a heart attack from the strain,” Giles added.

“Oh, this isn’t good,” Buffy mumbled into he hands.

“Don’t worry, Willow and Tara are going to do a spell so that they can find out who is tied to Giles,” Anya said comfortingly as she awkwardly patted Buffy’s arm.

Giles cleared his throat. “They needn’t bother. Buffy and I know who the last person was to touch the book.”

“Well then why isn’t she out dragging that person here? What good is a Slayer who can’t drag innocent victims somewhere to help her Watcher?”

Giles glared at Anya.

“Oh. I’m sorry; do you want me to leave you two alone so that Giles can give you orgasms?”

“NO! I mean, we need to find a way to undo this so that Giles is just Giles and not my personal sex toy,” Buffy clarified.

A frustrated whimper came out of his lips at her words. “Do try to refrain from saying anything sexual, Buffy,” he pleaded

She glanced over at Giles and then back at Anya. “Research. Now.”

Three hours later they had managed to eliminate three spells and one enchantment.

Xander blinked wearily as he started to read another page. “Not that I’m the expert, but shouldn’t we call it a night? I mean, there isn’t any immediate danger, and we aren’t getting anywhere. Not with the G-man trying to keep his hands off the Buffster and Buffy trying to keep his hands off of her. Maybe we should try it again in the morning with fresh minds filled with coffee and jellied goodness.”

A whimper came from Giles’ mouth before he resolutely looked back at the book he was trying to read.

Willow glared over at Buffy. “What could you possibly find sexy about coffee and jelly donuts?”

“Hey, I’m not trying to think the thoughts, they just happen, and boom,” Buffy waved her hand despairingly at Giles.

“Well, at least he isn’t cranky anymore. That’s a good thing. Right?” Anya said trying to be upbeat.

“Yeah, except for now every time Buffy thinks about sex Giles gets all gigolo on us,” Xander complained.

Giles groaned and glared at the back of Xander’s head. “Well, she would probably not be thinking about it so much if you’d quit mentioning it every five minutes.”

“Hey, time out. Maybe Xander is right. We could all use some rest. We can all go home, sleep and attack this in the morning,” Buffy stated decidedly.

“And where do you suggest I go?” Giles asked.

“Well, you can come home with me,” Buffy suggested.

“Oh yes, I’m sure that will go swimmingly with your mum. Won’t bother her at all that I’m walking around her house with a hard on for her eldest child.”

“Oh right, I guess that I’ll go home with you. I mean, if you get all frisky, I can always hit you on the head. I’ll tell Mom that I have to stay with you for Slayer stuff, and I’ll tell Riley the same thing.”


Buffy stared at Giles’ living room ceiling. After calling her mother to ask how Dawn was and making assurances that she was just doing a little training, Buffy had insisted on sleeping on Giles’ sofa. Alone in the dark, she let her mind wander to the way that he had started to nuzzle her neck when she had been talking to Riley. The way his hand had started to stroke her side had caused some unusually tingly sensations. Sensations that she was certain Riley had not caused in ages. In fact, she wasn’t all that sure that Riley had ever caused those sensations.

Giles, meanwhile, was staring up at his bedroom ceiling berating himself. He was being an absolute cad. While the spell he was under had caused much of his current arousal, he had taken liberties because of it. Watchers were trained to block out the incessant needs that such a spell caused as it was common for an enemy to use those sorts of spells in order to make the Slayer vulnerable. But the instant he had realized that he had been linked to Buffy, he had given up on blocking her out.

A large part of him had wanted to know exactly what she needed, what she liked in a lover. This he excused by saying it would be his only opportunity to ever know her in such a way. He had rationalized it. But when he had taken the liberty to assault her when she was talking to Riley, that had just taken it too far. He was her friend, and she trusted him. He certainly should never have used her in such a manner.

It was just that he had dreamed of being able to nip on that neck for so long that to have the opportunity to do so had been irresistible. If he had known that he would feel so terrible afterwards, he would never have done it.

He felt a sudden spike of desire flare off of Buffy, and he resolutely tamped it down. If he was lucky, no-one would ever ask why it was that he had not realized who was on the other end of the spell when Buffy had come through the door. Utter humiliation would be his forever if they ever realized that the sudden flush of desire upon seeing her was a common occurrence for him.

It was a long night for both of them. The morning, however, brought a different problem.

Both sat being contrite about thinking sexual thoughts about the other. Breakfast was very quite as they chewed on dry toast and tea. Giles resolutely refused to look at Buffy, and Buffy felt horribly guilty for every peek that she took at Giles.

The poor man was under a spell, and she was using that to her advantage. She was enjoying the way that he looked at her and the way that he touched her, and it was wrong.

“Giles?” she asked in a timid voice.

“Yes?” he responded, his face quickly going into concerned watcher mode.

“I’m sorry about what happened last night.”

His brow furrowed. “I’m not certain that you have something to be sorry for. I am the one who acted inappropriately.”

“But, you wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t been thinking about, well, you know what. And I should have known better. It’s just that when I think about Riley lately, well our sex life hasn’t been really good since Mom got sick, and…”

Giles raised her hand to cut her off. “Buffy, I said it wasn’t your fault. You were talking to your boyfriend, and it is perfectly natural to think about your boyfriend when you’re talking to him. It was my fault that I did not remove myself from your presence the instant that you dialed his number, and I could have been a much stronger person even where I was sitting. However, you do know that I am here if you need to speak with me about anything,” he paused before continuing, “Although I’m not entirely certain that I am a better choice than Willow for a discussion on boyfriends.”

Buffy smiled at him, “Willow is all wrapped up in the bliss that is Tara. Even Xander is floating around in relationship heaven. What’s wrong with us Giles? Why is it that the closest you’ve gotten to a girlfriend since Olivia is a lust spell for your scrawny and flawed Slayer? And me? Why am I sitting here moping about an almost perfect boyfriend? And why aren’t you squirming in your chair because I talked about my sex life?”

“I imagine I’m not becoming more aroused because you are too upset to be thinking of sex in any erotic way. And as for your problem with Riley, Buffy do you remember what it was like to be with Angel?”

Images of Angelus floated through her mind. “I don’t understand.”

“I mean, do you remember how it felt to be with Angel? Not what happened afterwards, but just how did it feel to be with him? How you felt about sharing such an intimate moment with him?”

Buffy shook her head. “I don’t know, I mean, he was Angel.”

Giles reached out and grabbed her hand. “Exactly.”

“I’m really not following you here. I mean, Riley isn’t my rebound guy. I did the rebound thing with Parker.”

“No, no I never meant to suggest that he was. It’s just that, well, Riley is a nice boy, but you are a nice woman. You’ve probably outgrown the stage of your life where you are just looking for a fun romp in the bedroom. You’re looking for a mate Buffy, not a boyfriend. You’re looking for a man who doesn’t need to think of himself first in a relationship. What you’re going through with your mum just brought that out.”

“But Riley loves me,” she protested.

“So he does. And you may well love him back, but you shouldn’t be with someone just because they love you when they don’t love you the same way. Would Willow have been happy if Xander had become her boyfriend? Yes, for a little while, but neither of them would be as happy as they are now. Xander and Cordelia loved each other in some fashion, but would their love have lasted? By the same token, is there anything but love keeping Xander and Anya together? The sex cannot be that good.”

Buffy chuckled a bit before sobering. “But, if being an adult means looking for love, what was with Olivia? Were you in love with her?”

“Olivia was comfort, and she was sex. She was what I thought I wanted at the time. But you’re looking for a relationship, not just sex. And Riley Finn is a very selfish man if he makes you stay with him because of his love for you, and not your love for him.”

Buffy looked down at the hand resting on hers. “You think I should break-up with Riley?”

“I don’t think I should make that decision for you. I can merely tell you what I think I have observed. If you can’t love a man with the same intensity as you loved Angel, then you will always be comparing them and finding your lover lacking.”

Buffy nodded and pulled her hand away. After a moment of silence, she spoke again, “You never answered me about why you don’t have a girlfriend now.”

“I know what I want, and I know I can’t have it. I tried running away from my feelings with Olivia, but it did not work. Someday, perhaps I will be able to move on, but not now.”

Buffy reached out and rubbed his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“So am I,” he responded as his eyes began to flutter closed. “Buffy, could you perhaps remove your hand? I feel a bit… uncomfortable.”

“Sure, I’m sorry… Hey, I wasn’t thinking anything dirty.”

“No, but I am still your, well, slave and as such I’m inclined to want to have at it at all times with you.”

“Oops,” she whispered as she pulled away her hand.

Giles nodded stiffly and rose from his chair just as stiffly, in fact stiff was very much the word for just about his entire body at the moment.

“Wow, Giles. I mean, are you sure that your love interest isn’t interested cause, I’m thinking that it looks a lot larger in your pajama bottoms than it does in your normal pants, and if I’m impressed maybe she’d be, ummm, I’m not helping am I?”

“Unless your intention was to make me beg on my hands and knees for a shag then no.”

“Right. Ummm, maybe you should go get dressed and we can go down to the shop and start researching again.”

“Yes, quite,” he replied before going back up to his bedroom.


Buffy fiddled with the pages of her assigned reading of A Dummy’s Guide to Love Spells. Something was wrong with Giles beyond the obvious fact of him being under a spell. He was in love with someone. A someone who did not return his affections. Who could be so cold as to not be wooed by her adorable Watcher? Sure, he was stuffy and British, but she had heard that lots of women found the English accent sexy.

More importantly, who was this person that Rupert Giles was in love with? She had not seen him flirting with anyone around the shop, and she did not know of any phone calls to old friends. It could be a person from his past that he had never gotten over, but the tone of his voice had indicated that he had fallen in love after Jenny. The only people that Giles really knew were her friends.

Dawn was way out, and Buffy was relatively sure that Giles was not hiding amorous feelings for Riley. Giles seemed to prefer a bit of sassiness in his women, so that would rule out Tara. He was fond of Willow, but she really did not seem to fit his type. Her mother might be closest to Giles’ age, but he probably would have already made his move by now, especially as they had been getting along better in recent years. Xander was pretty much out as well. Giles may have been the demon raising orgy guy in his earlier life, but he seemed to have settled on women. Aside from that, Buffy had the distinct feeling that Xander would drive Giles slightly insane.

That left Anya. She was sassy enough for Giles, but Buffy really did not see that Giles showed that much affection for her. Perhaps he found her attractive, but the pining love he had indicated in their earlier discussion did not seem to be present. Then again, Buffy had not even known that Giles was pining for someone, so he might just be very good at hiding it.

Frustrated, she chewed at the end of her pen as she thought.

“You know, that might not be a very good thing for you to do. Chewing on the end of your pen, I mean. With your Slayer powered jaw, you could bite through it and end up spurting ink into your mouth,” Anya commented.

Buffy could not help the wholehearted glare that she directed at Anya. First, her Giles fell in love with her, and then she had to open her big obnoxious mouth.

“Whoa, Buff, you been taking glaring lessons from Giles?” Xander asked trying to inject some levity.

Buffy opened her mouth to retort only to see the slightly hurt look in Xander’s eyes. Anya did not appear as upset, but she did look confused. And both of her friends had the right to look the way they did. Neither Xander nor Anya had any idea of what was going on in Buffy’s head.

“I’m sorry, guys. I’m just a little stressed right now,” she apologized.

“It’s okay Buffy. I mean it’s not every day that Giles is, you know, lusting after you,” Willow said.

Buffy went back to studying her book. Her eyes skimmed over a spell. She began to read over the next one when she glanced back at the one she had just read. “Hey guys? Did you say that the energy was blue colored?”

“Yes, why did you find it?” Giles asked excitedly.

She opened her mouth, and she never really knew what possessed her to say it, “Nah, I thought I did, but this one emits a red light.”

“Oh,” was the general disappointed mutter that issued from the rest of the Scoobies.

Frustrated, Giles went down to the storage room to look for some additional books.

Just when Buffy began to consider coming clean, the doorbell to the shop rang as Riley swaggered through the door.

“Hey,” he greeted the group in general then addressed Buffy specifically, “Your Mom sent me over with some clothes for you. She said you called and asked for them. Something going on?”

“Yes, I mean, no, I mean, it’s kind of private,” Buffy stammered.

“You mean you don’t want to tell me about it,” Riley put on his offended and hurt look.

“No, that isn’t it, I mean, it is, but not in the bad way that you’re thinking. It’s just it really isn’t something slayable, or anything that we want to slay anyway. Technically, we could slay it, but badness would occur if we did.”

“Giles is under a spell,” Anya blurted out.

“Hence the big research, but you aren’t big research guy, and it isn’t an emergency, and the spell is kind of embarrassing for Giles, so he wants to keep the numbers of people down who know,” Buffy tried to console Riley.

“I’m not ‘big research guy’ as opposed to Xander,” Riley clarified for her.

“I didn’t say that. I said that this was a private thing for Giles, and he trusts Xander more than you,” Buffy clarified right back at him.

“Really? Why don’t I believe that? Oh, wait I know, because he wants to keep you away from me. What happened to us, Buffy? Ever since you started training with Giles again, there hasn’t been an ‘us.’ Your slaying isn’t your life Buffy.” Riley looked truly hurt and a touch like a little school boy.

Suddenly Buffy’s earlier conversation with Giles seemed to float back into her brain, “Riley what I have is a mother who is sick and a friend in trouble and a bunch of friends who are willing to die for me and my slaying that isn’t my life. I don’t need an ‘us’ I need a ‘we.’”

“What?” Riley asked baffled.

“I’m breaking up with you.”

Riley’s eyes widened and he looked for a second like he was about to cry before he put on his macho attitude. “Is this about him? Is this thing with Mr. Giles so bad that you have to dump your future for it? Buffy if you’re doing that, you need to let go of the past.”

“You’re right. I do,” she said as she stood quickly from her seat at the table and stalked around Riley. Before he could turnaround, Buffy grabbed him by the back of his neck and drug him back to the door.

“Ow, Buffy what are you doing?”

The bell flew off its hook as the small Slayer yanked the door open. “I thought it was obvious. I’m letting go of the past,” she said as she pushed Riley through the door and let go of him. Angrily she slammed the door before she saw him body slide a few feet down the sidewalk.

Astonished faces greeted her when she turned around. “Sorry about the bell,” she said meekly as she returned to her book. After a moment of silence, she looked back up at the gang who were still staring at her.

“You think I was a bit rough?”

“You could say that,” Xander ventured hesitantly.

“He was just kind of feeling out of the loop, Buffy,” Willow added meekly.

“But, he insulted Giles, and, and he was being a total boy about it.”

“Okay, one – Riley has always been a guy, and unless you’ve got something to tell us, you appreciated that fact. Two, who here hasn’t insulted Giles at some point?” Xander illustrated his points by counting off on his fingers.

Tara meekly raised her hand.

“Oh, sure, ruin my perfectly good reasoning,” Xander mock complained.

“But I don’t want a guy. I want a man,” Buffy whined.

An understanding light dawned in Anya’s eyes, but before she could say anything, the door to the storage room opened and the group quit their discussion.

“Look, I found some books that might help us,” Giles announced excitedly as he returned. His gaze quickly fell to the door. “Why is there a gouge in the door? And where did the bell go?”

“The bell is stuck in the bowl of powdered sandalwood, and the door has a dent because it put the bell in the bowl,” Xander explained.

“Which, by the way, we need another display bowl. Buffy broke the current one with the bell,” Anya commented off handedly as she flipped some pages.

“Ah, might I ask why?”

“I...it wasn’t her fault. About the bell,” Tara said softly.

“Yeah, it was totally not her fault. She was just angry and boom, bell went bye-bye,” Willow added.

Buffy shrank as far underneath the table and behind her book as she could.

“Buffy?” Giles’ questioning voice reached her nonetheless.

“I had a fight with Riley, and I kind of kicked him out of the shop.”

“It was a very liberating display of woman power. I would have cheered, except Xander would have thought it improper and potential customers might have heard me cheering and not come into the shop,” Anya added supportively.

“I take it you and Riley are no longer dating then?” Giles hesitantly asked.

“That would be a big yes. Unless he likes getting rug burn from pavement… Can you even get rug burn from pavement? Wouldn’t it be like, pavement burn or concrete burn or maybe…”

“Yes, Buffy, I believe we get the idea. Are you all right?” Giles asked in a more normal tone.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m super. Super Buffy, ready for research.”

“More like ready for Rupert,” Anya whispered under her breath, but no one but Xander heard her. And he wisely said nothing for fear of being refused his own “research.”

The group then progressed with their previous activities without again referencing Buffy’s newly acquired single status.


Buffy stared at Giles’ television. After going on a quick patrol together, they had again returned to his place. Buffy had called her Mom and told her that she’d broken up with Riley, and that she was staying over with Giles again to learn some meditative exercises.

With a sigh, she turned off the television and walked into the kitchen to watch Giles finish making tea. She had to know. After her discussion with Riley earlier that day, another possibility had entered her mind for Giles’ mystery love. Now she had gone from wanting to know to needing to know. And there was really only one sure fire way to worm it out of him.

“Giles?” she pitched her voice low.

“Yes, Buffy?” he turned automatically towards the sound of her voice and was surprised to see her standing so close to him.

“If I find something sexy, you have to do it, right?”

“Well, n..not exactly, it’s m..more of a strong compulsion to… Why are you asking?”

“Say a girl found guys that told the honest truth really, really sexy. You know a guy who couldn’t lie, a guy who answers all of her questions. What if that just made me so horny that I wanted to rip my clothes off and have him against the kitchen counter?”

Giles whimpered and took a step backwards. “Buffy, this isn’t a game.”

“No, it isn’t, but you aren’t going to tell me otherwise. Now, you have a choice, either you tell me the answer to my question now, or I keep imagining thousands of naughty things I’d like to do to you until you break down and tell me.”

“Very well. What is it that you wish to know?” Giles tried to use his most dignified tone of voice.

“Who are you in love with?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“The person you’re pining over. Who is she? I mean, I’ve pretty much eliminated most of the people you know. And I thought it was Anya, but Olivia came before Anya. So, that leaves good old, slightly used Buffy.”

Giles looked away from her and directed his gaze at the stove top. When he did not respond, Buffy reached out and stroked his shoulder. “I’m serious about the whole threat thing,” she told him.

“I, I don’t know what you want me to say,” he whispered.

“The truth would be good.”

“Buffy, please,” he turned tortured eyes to her silently begging for mercy.

“You have ten seconds before I start imagining you in a sexy French Maid outfit. Not that I find that sexy on any man, but I’m pretty sure that you’d be mortified if you had to do it.”


“Yes, I was right in my theory, or yes, you’d be mortified about the outfit?”

“Yes, I’m in love with you, now please leave me with what’s left of my dignity,” he snipped as he turned fully away from her and presented her with his back.

He stood stock still for several seconds before he realized that he had not felt any wave of disgust flow over his sexual link to her. Just as he was about to turn around, he felt her arms wrap around his waist and her head rest against his back.

“I’m sorry, I just had to know, you know?” her words reverberated against him.

“I know,” his choked out.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ve got a secret of my own.”

“And what is that?” he asked for lack of anything else to say.

“I lied, today at the Magic Box. The spell I found, it was the right one. I didn’t really realize it until I threw Riley out the door, but I kind of like having you all to myself. And I kind of like having you all horny. Which means, I think I kind of like you period, and kind of love you, in a somewhat strange and twisted way.”

Giles chuckled.

“What?” Buffy asked.

“I think that has to be the most perverse declaration of love that I’ve ever heard.”

Buffy removed one arm from around his waist so she could lightly slap him on his shoulder.

“I didn’t know you were into that sort of kinky behavior. First outfits, then hitting, what’s next?” Giles managed to choke out between giggles.

“Hey, you deserve it. If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be being Mr. Represso.”

“Oh, and you would have appreciated me coming on to you last year?” Giles asked as he turned around to face her again.

“Well, maybe not the coming on to, maybe the ‘let’s have coffee’ line would have worked, before Riley. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have after.”

“Of course you wouldn’t have. You’re a very loyal woman to your partners, and besides that, Riley was what you needed at the time. He was your college romance. He just wasn’t who you were meant to be with.”

“And you? You think you could be my Mr. Right?”

“I think that I am ill qualified to answer that question as I am a bit biased.”

Buffy grinned. “Do you think that I’m qualified?”

“Based on the fact that you didn’t realize your feelings until this afternoon?”

She slid her arms up around his neck and pressed her bosom against him. “I’m Buffy, I make these decisions quickly and decisively, or haven’t you noticed? I don’t do cautious, that’s your job. I think that makes us the perfect team. Plus, you combine the best traits of Angel and Riley. Angel was older, sensitive, smart, and from the United Kingdom.”

“And Riley?”

“Riley was breathing.”

“That’s a bit harsh,” Giles murmured as his own hands slid around Buffy to pull her closer against him.

“Yeah, but most of Riley’s other good traits were also good Angel traits, the only thing he really had up on him was the breathing and walking in sunlight thing”



“You realize that if you keep rubbing against me like that we’re going to end up having intercourse,” Giles said as he slid his hands down on her backside.

“You don’t want to?”

“Does it feel like I don’t want to?”

“I mean, if you weren’t ‘Buffy’s Personal Sex Machine.’”

Giles reflexively squeezed her derriere. “I think I’d fill that title even if I wasn’t under a spell.”

“Big talk,” Buffy gave a quick return squeeze, “Big everything.”

“Oh, Dear Lord,” Giles whimpered.


“I’ve wanted you for almost two years. I just want to be certain of your motivations.”

“Giles, this isn’t rebound sex, or terrified of being lonely sex. This is I just dumped a really nice guy for the chance of something better. And a little bit of intrigue to see how well that spell works.”

“Well, there is a bit of a problem with that last part.”

“Not seeing one.”

“You won’t know how well the spell works because you’ve never been with me without it. I’m afraid that you’d have to come back again when it’s no longer on.”

“Why, Mr. Giles, are you trying to seduce me?”

He simply smiled in return and leaned down to kiss her. He quickly pressed his lips against hers before pulling back to look at her face. “Are you truly certain you wish to do this? With me?”

Buffy rolled her eyes and pulled his head down for a real kiss. Giles responded almost instantly by opening his mouth and allowing her to slide her tongue access to his own.

As they kissed, Giles right hand moved from its current hold on his beloved’s rear end to slide underneath her shirt to rest on her waist. His thumb gently stroked the far edge of her stomach.

Buffy pulled back from their kiss. “You know, you can move faster if you want to.”

“You don’t want me to move faster,” he reminded her as he gently began to nip on the edge of her jaw.

He smiled as he felt a wave of frustration boil over into his mind.

“I don’t want this to be all about me,” she pouted.

“Oh? Well then perhaps you’d best find another Watcher to fulfill your fantasies. I’m usually all about pleasing my partner when performing in bed. And I’ve had years of indoctrination to put your needs first as my Slayer. Spell or no spell, it is who I am. Or need I remind you of the bad things that happen when I decide to be a selfish bastard?”

Buffy frowned. “I’m pretty sure Wes is involved, and the only other Watcher I know is Travers, so definitely not on the lookout for another Watcher.”

“I’m glad to hear it. And don’t fret. I quite get off on pleasing a woman. It makes me feel manly, so to speak.”

He moved his mouth right next to her ear. “If, however, you should wish to do your best to please me, I shouldn’t object to such a scheme,” he rumbled.

He was rewarded with a shiver.

“You talk too much during sex,” Buffy chided him as her own hands started to slide up and down his chest.

“This isn’t sex, this is foreplay.”

Buffy hesitantly slid a button out of his shirt. Her index finger gently slid over the exposed skin. Giles’ eyes slid shut, and he sighed.



“How do I know if I’m doing this right?”

His eyes opened again and looked down into hers. “You’ve had at least three partners, Buffy. I’m rather certain you know how the process works.”

“But you’re all, you know, Hugh Hefner-y. And I’m just me, Buffy. Dater of Iowa boy, and one night stand with a vampire and a college jerk.”

“Buffy, you worry too much about sex. Aside from which, I promise that I am a highly responsive lover in any situation. There is probably very little that you would think of doing that I wouldn’t like, and rest assured, I will tell you should that happen.”

Giles felt the worry practically melt off of her and burning desire start to flood in after it.

“Oh, you are the most complex creature.”

Buffy leaned upwards and placed a kiss on the skin that she had exposed earlier. “You like me being complex.”

“Bloody right I do. In fact, I love it.”

Buffy looked at him and smiled. “Kiss me.”

His mouth quickly closed over hers. As they kissed, Buffy’s nimble fingers undid the rest of Giles’ shirt buttons. When she was done with that, she used her thumbs to gently caress his nipples.

With a growl low in his throat, Giles grabbed her breast and stroked her own hard nipple though the satin material of her bra.

Buffy had barely had the urge to push herself more firmly against him when Giles picked her up and pushed them together against the refrigerator. He broke the kiss and panted against the side of her neck as their groins rubbed against each other.

“Oh, Giles, I can’t wait to have that thing inside me,” Buffy whimpered.

Giles pushed harder against her in response, but hesitated when he felt her embarrassment. “Now, now, love, none of that. You want something, you tell me.”

“You think maybe we could go upstairs and try out your bed?”

“Most definitely,” he replied as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom.

“Put me down,” Buffy commanded when they reached the top of the stairs.

Obligingly, he obeyed. In seconds, he had a naked Buffy before him.

She smiled coyly at his somewhat shocked look. “Slayer speed comes in handy in the strangest of places,” she teased as she kissed him again.

He walked her backwards towards the bed, kicking off his shoes as he did so and being very grateful that he had worn a simple pair of loafers to work that morning.

As Buffy sat on the edge of the bed, Giles loomed over her. Small hands rested on his belt buckle. “I’m guessing that poor little fella in there would like to be out.” She said as she gently cupped the bulge that was before her.

Giles voice made an inarticulate sound as he reflexively thrust his hips against her.

“I’m gonna take that as a ‘yes.’” Buffy hastily undid the belt buckle and pushed both his pants and boxer to the floor, and he kicked his feet out of the legs, the process taking his socks with them.

Giles was shocked at the pure delight that sparked from Buffy as her eyes rested upon his naked glory.

“You’re a bloody size queen,” he accused her.

“You bragging or complaining?” Buffy asked as she continued to eye him.

“Buffy, my face is up here,” he said amusedly.

She looked up impishly and began to laugh.

“Might I ask what you find so amusing?”

“You’re still wearing a half open shirt and glasses when you’re all naked down below,” Buffy replied as her eyes began to wander downwards again.

The shirt soon found its way over the railing, and his glasses deposited themselves on his night stand.

“And to think I was worried about how you’d view my physique,” he said as he pushed Buffy down onto the bed and laid himself on top of her.

She wiggled against him enjoying the feel of their mutually naked bodies. “Oh, I think Buffy likes.”


The sun rose way too early the next morning. As did other things.

Buffy sighed, “We have really got to turn that thing off Giles. I can barely move, and I’m the Slayer.”

“You’re complaining. I’m not the Slayer and a good twenty years older than you. It’s a bloody miracle I can still move after last night,” he whined from where he was nestled behind her.

“Still, that was way better than the sex marathon at the frat house,” Buffy commented contentedly.

“Longer too,” he replied.

“Yeah, but I don’t think that I need to bash Riley’s size to make you happy, do I?”

“I meant the amount of time.”


“Of course, it does make all of my Ripper days pale in comparison. The sexual orgies that is, not the dark magic and violence.”

“Yeah, it’s probably a good thing you didn’t know that spell back then.”

“It wouldn’t have mattered. On an emotional level, I was not so completely in love with any of my partners. On a physical level, might I say that there really is not anything like a Slayer.”

Buffy worked up enough energy to lightly elbow him. “Pervert.”

“Nymphomaniac,” he replied saucily.

“Yeah, but you’re gonna have to live with that. It’s part of that wonderful Slayer package.”

“I know. The thought would be quite enticing if we hadn’t just spent half the night and part of the morning initiating every flat surface in my flat.”

“Apartment or house. They aren’t flats here,” Buffy reminded him.

“It’s my flat, I can call it what I want. Besides, you adore it when I don’t use American English.”

“I do not.”

“Oh? It must have been my imagination that you liked me calling your panties ‘knickers’ last night. I was under the impression from your response that you quite liked it. Or maybe it’s just the accent.”

Buffy rolled over to look at his smarmily grinning face. “We are so getting that spell off. I can’t stand you being this smug.”

“I suppose that you don’t like my arse either? Or my shoulders? Or should I mention the fact that you only call me Rupert when you’re playing with little Rupert?”

Buffy kissed him lightly. “Shut up… Rupert.”


The End.
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