Reviews For Alone At Last
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Title: N/A Reviewer: Queen Boadicea Signed
Oh, Giles! Oh, Giles! OH, GILESWENCH! LMAO That was a great story, so very hot and arousing. The ending was a cute surprise, too. Well, who wouldn't want to celebrate Dawn leaving. I wish the story could have been longer and showed what else they were doing but this bit was excellent.

Author's Response: Thanks, Queen Boadicea! Somehow the word 'celebrate' just screamed 'Dawn is gone' to me. Not sure why (looks innocent...fails miserably). As for longer, well, I have to write a short one-off once in a while, just to lull the newbies into a false sense of security before I unleash another epic on the world.
Date: 29/01/04 - 12:34 am [Report This]
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