We're back (Updated!)
Hi everyone,

as you can see the site is back, and I updated to the latest version of eFiction. It seems to work fine, but I might have to tweak some of the settings and editing stories is quite annyoing because it adds the html for linebreaks, but still adds new ones... anyway, I'll take another look tomorrow. If you're brave you can start posting ;)


ETA (June 5th 2006): You should all be able to submit stories again now.
Gabi on 09/04/06 - 11:54 pm
Hey Gabi! Thank you SO much for getting the site back up and running!

I'd noticed a couple of things - it seems there's no way to rate a story, give feedback, and it doesn't seem like there's an "add/edit" button so we can upload fics either. You probably know all this, but just in case...
- katekat on 03/05/06 - 07:05 am
Wow, Gabi, I'm sure this must have been a ton of work! Thanks for putting it all back together for us!
- on 12/05/06 - 05:10 am
Oh boy, I'm incredibly stupid and didn't notice that submissions were turned off for non-admins. It should all be fixed now!

- admin on 05/06/06 - 10:50 pm
Gabi, Thank you so much for getting the site back. It's so good to see it and you back :)
- Catherine on 06/06/06 - 09:36 pm
Gabi, you've done a tremendous amount of work. Please take kudos from a sincere fan of your site. Also, do you know if it will be possible to review the fics on the site, I think it was possible the last time.
- kitkatqqx on 14/08/06 - 05:11 pm