Another attempt to disable registration.
The spammers obviously use scripts, so hiding the login page was not enough. I hope my additional changes to the code will make them unable to register by any means.

If you are not a spammer and would like to review (or post) fics, please contact me via the Contact Us link and I'll add you as soon as possible.
Gabi on 12/08/16 - 06:44 pm
Disabled Registration
If you're an author, you'll unfortunately have noticed that occasionally spammers will register a new account and post spam messages as reviews. There is no way to set reviews to go through validation or anything else that seems to work, so for now I have removed the link to register a new account.

If you are not a spammer and would like to review (or post) fics, please contact me via the Contact Us link and I'll add you as soon as possible.

I'm sorry that there is no better solution for now, but hope that this will be the end of the spam.
Gabi on 26/07/16 - 06:50 pm
We're back (Updated!)
Hi everyone,

as you can see the site is back, and I updated to the latest version of eFiction. It seems to work fine, but I might have to tweak some of the settings and editing stories is quite annyoing because it adds the html for linebreaks, but still adds new ones... anyway, I'll take another look tomorrow. If you're brave you can start posting ;)


ETA (June 5th 2006): You should all be able to submit stories again now.
Gabi on 09/04/06 - 11:54 pm
Auto-validation switched off
I just switched off the auto-validation of submitted fics. That means that if you are an author and submit a fic, don't be surprised, if you do not immedately see it on the site.

If you have gotten an email, telling you the fic hasn't been validated yet, just go over it again and fix the remaining mistakes. It will then be approved. Don't hesitate to ask, what specifically was the problem with the fic, if you're unsure. I don't bite ;) Just email me.
Gabi on 11/07/05 - 09:54 pm
New ratings system
As you all have noticed I have changed the ratings system to the Fan Rated System. The MPA owns the ratings system that I used before and apparently has started sending out Cease and Desist notices to protect it. To prevent any problem I made the change now.

To read more about the Fan Rated System go

In short:

FRC Fan Rated Suitable For Children
FRT Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
FRM Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
FRAO Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you get used to the new system soon, since it seems to spread very quickly.

Have fun writing and reading!
Gabi on 28/06/05 - 10:40 pm
eFiction archive opened!
The eFiction archive at is now open for submissions. At the moment all fics will be approved automatically. If someone abuses this, let me know and I will have to change that. Happy writing and R+Ring!
Gabi on 09/01/04 - 03:01 am